Jonathan Huggett is a specialist in the non-traditional delivery of public infrastructure, using innovative approaches to procuring and delivering public projects and services. An infrastructure specialist with over 35 years experience in North America and Europe, in both government and private sector organizations, he is a graduate of Imperial College, London and a Professional Engineer in BC, Alberta and Ontario. He has significant experience in all areas of infrastructure planning, provision and operation and maintenance, but in recent years has concentrated on the business case justification of projects and services, the delivery of major projects and services through innovative techniques, project management and changes to the way governments do business in constructing, operating and maintaining public infrastructure projects. Major areas of expertise with which he has direct experience are:

  • Design/build projects
  • Innovative delivery methods for infrastructure projects and services
  • Long term operation and maintenance contracts
  • Funding options for infrastructure and services provision
  • Project Management at all stages of delivery
  • Delivery of the following types of Projects and Services:       

          * Recreation Facilities

          * Sport and Entertainment and Conference Centre Complexes

          * Water and wastewater services

          * Transportation

          * Land development

          * Civic facilities ­ municipal offices, court complexes, RCMP buildings

          * ­ CN Tower Site Upgrade

 He is currently a consultant to various federal, provincial and municipal government organizations throughout Canada, and the United States, and private sector providers of infrastructure.